Anti Surge Valve

Anti Surge Valve

The anti surge valve is a valve which is used for surge control. The valve can be considered as a specific dedicated control system which is capable to act as a surge controlled with very fast response time. The primary function of the valve is to open very fast when required and this requirement would be to control the surge, so the valve would open very fast and it will recirculate the gas from discharge to the suction and by that there will be only less flow through the compressor when it is running. The valve will be capable to remove the surge from the compressor, the surge could occur in the compressor very fast so the valve must operate very quickly to handle this.

Example Application: Gas compressor

  • Product: Anti Surge Control Valve
    Design: Globe valve / Straight
    Housing material: ASTM A 216 WCC – Cast steel
  • Pipe connection: Flanges
    Valve plug type: Perforated cage & cone / 3 stages
    Valve seat seal: Metallic
  • Spindle seal: Gland packing with V sleeves
    Driver type: Pneumatic actuator
  • Highlights ASV:
    • Control open ≤ 1 sec.,
    • Control close ≤ 2 sec.,
    • Fail open ≤ 0,5 sec.,
Ani surge valve

Anti surge valve


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