Daume control valves

Daume control valves

DAUME control valves - Dutch Valve Vision

DAUME control valves

Daume control valves is a supplier of high engineering critical service vans for gas, water and steam systems. The company is focused on the production and development of control valves used in all areas of energy supply and process engineering, such as iron and steel, pharmaceutical production, mineral oil processing engineering, chemical industry and energy industry. DAUME Regelarmaturen valves are used in many parts of the world. The product range is based on a module system that combines a wide variety of actuator types with a variety of valve types, thus aiming to provide a holistic service to the customers.



As official supplier of DAUME control valves ( DAUME Regelarmaturen / DAUMAC) we can supply  spare parts valve such as;

  • Perforated cages and bushes
  • Valve spindles and disks
  • Actuator diaphragms and springs
  • Replacements actuators
  • Complete gaskets & bolting sets
  • Any other DAUME / DAUMAC spare part



We can also supply complete (like-for-like) replacement valves as;

  • Feedwater control valve
  • Bypass control valve
  • Injection control valve
  • 3-way control valve
  • Angle control valve
  • Condensate control valve
  • Steam reducing valve
  • Steam conditioning valve

Daume control valve

All parts and valves are conform to the highest quality standards in the market.

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