Hot oil valves

Hot oil valves

Valves for Hot oil service

For valves in Hot-oil applications one of the most critical requirements is that these valves are 100% leak-tight to the outside atmosphere. Bellow sealed valves are designed to eliminate valve leakage and are also known as ‘Zero Leak Valve’ or ‘Emission Free Valve’. In these valves, conventional gland packing is appended/supplemented by a metallic Bellow Cartridge joined to the valve bonnet at one end, and the stem at the other end. A bellow is a long accordion-like tube. As the valve stem strokes, the bellow expands or compresses with the stroke movement. There are no sliding or rotating seals through which process fluid can pass. The medium will enter the valve from the seat of the valve and come in contact with the bellow.

The bellow sealed valve is widely used in many severe service applications since the 1950s and is used in a various of applications that require zero leakage to atmosphere.


Hot Oil service

Design features of an bellow sealed valves

  • Stuffing box packing as secondary sealing element
  • Bellows protected from flow in extended bonnet
  • Multiple-wall hydro-formed bellows for up to 50.000 operations
  • Extended bonnet for good thermal insulation
  • Body-bonnet flange gasket fully confined to prevent gasket flow or blowout
  • Guided stem reduces stem and disc vibrations
  • Two-piece stem protects bellows against torque stress
  • No stem bearings necessary
  • Forged or casted bodies with safety margin in wall thickness
  • Replaceable disc for low maintenance cost
  • Knife edge metal-to-metal hard-faced valve seats for bubble-tight shutoff


We can supply bellow sealed valves for hot oil service in various gate & globe types.

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