Lift plug valves

Lift plug valves

Lift plug valves, the solution for severe valve applications

Non-lubricated metal seated lift plug valves were developed over 80 years ago to solve problems with existing valves in catalyst cracking service. As the valves preformed so well in this service it was also recommended for use in other hash applications in the chemical & petrochemical industry. To explain why the valve has been so successful we below stated the design features of the valve to provide more insides in its strengths.

Design features:

  • Simple robust design, only three major components (body/plug/bonnet).
  • Able to be used in service conditions up to 650°C in casted version, up to 800°C in forged version.
  • 90 degree (fast) operation, 100% round port full bore design. Can close under 2 seconds.
  • Double mechanical barrier, double Block & Bleed options.
  • High seat torque with minimal force (small actuator), high seat tightness.
  • Metal-to-metal seat, long seat life-time, seats protected from direct flow in open and closed position.
  • Hard-faced (stellite) seat surfaces options for extra performance.
  • No lubrication! No contamination of process medium.
  • Bi-directional function, fire-safe design.
  • Top entry design, easy maintenance.


lift plug valve parts

                  Lift plug valve parts

Lift plug valves are a great alternative for replacing valves that are having sticking problems or are leaking fast as due to harsh service conditions.

Application areas:

  • chemical / petrochemical products (cracking applications)
  • crystallizing fluids
  • high viscosity fluids
  • abrasive fluids
  • fluid with solids
  • cryogenic fluids
  • acids / basis / aggressive mediums
  • gases with solids

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3-way lift plug valve

3-way lift plug valve with boring options T-type plug or L-type plug boring.

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