Bellow Sealed Globe Valve

Bellow Sealed Globe Valve

Bellow Sealed Globe Valve

Bellow sealed globe valve for applications in hot-oil and steam

PN 10-250
DN 15-500
NPS 1/2" - 20"
Class 150# - 1500#
Temperature Rating -196°C up to +800°C
Body forms

Straight pattern body
Y-pattern body
Angle pattern body

Basic Shell materials

Carbon steel, Stainless steel 304, 316 L316, 904
Hasteloy, Inconel, pure nickel, Titanium
Other special alloys


Flanged ends, butt welding ends
Socket welding ends, threaded ends

Operation & Options

Handwheel, lever
Chainwheel, gear operator
Different bellow seal materials, standard Ti316
Equilibrating disc, Switches, locking devices, special coatings
Control valve option - Pneumatic actuator
Control valve option - Electric actuator


Bellow sealed globe valve with superior quality for applications in hot-oil and steam
In different materials configurations these valves can also made suitable for for highly toxic, aggressive, oxidation and flammable mediums.
Fugitive emissions - 0 ppmy

Our PHÖNIX bellow sealed valves are made in GERMANY and are supplied with the HYDRA multi-layer bellow from WITZENMANN to obtain their superior quality.


Leakrate A

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