Valve procurement

Valve procurement

We at Dutch Valve Vision focus on special valves which are build to specific requirements. This can be very high pressure, very high and low temperatures, corrosive mediums, special certification (UOP, EUROCHLOR, AXENS), special materials and alloys, optimized flow dynamics, low weight or volume applications, and more.


– Bellow sealed valves, Gate and Globe with 25000+ operations warranty, high reliability, emissions free.
– Bellow sealed valves conform EUROCHOR latest standards.
– Cryogenic valves, Gate Globe and Check valves, options for cold-box and double bellow design (ant-freezing).
– Change-over valves, options for bellows and optimized Kv or Cv.
– Special valves like; Excess flow valves, delayed coker valves, pre-heater valves, tanker valves.


– Forged Valves, Gate, Globe, Check and Strainers, pressure sealing bonnet type.
– HF valves conform UOP standards, Gate, Globe, Check, Plug.
– Lift Plug Valves for high temperature applications and abrasive mediums.

Guichon Valves

– TLV valves, Transfer line decoking valves, single and double version.
– FCC / CCR Catalyst valves
– Sampling valves
– Piston valves
– Tank bottom valves
– Surge relief valves
– FAST-TRACK valves from special materials


– High pressure (900# and up) Gate, Globe and Check casted valves, quality casting from France origin.
– Cryogenic valves (900# and up) Gate, Globe and Check casted valves, quality casting from France origin.
– LNG valves valves vor MArine service made fully out of SS316.
– Like-for-like replacement valves or spare-parts from the MALBRANQUE valve brand.


– Butterfly Triple Offset Valves (TOSV) from exotic material or large diameters.
– Line-blind valves (tight shut-off valves)
– Lined valves ball,plug,butterfly,check
– Pressure relief valves
– Valve interlocks or valve LOTO (lock-out-tag-out) products