Tanker Valve

Tanker Valve

The safety tanker valve is a special pneumatic operated valve combination designed for safe top-loading and top-unloading of hazardous mediums for container vessels. The valve is secured by two internal valves, a upper bellow sealed globe valve and a lower bottom check valve. The valve design includes and integrated break-off fail safe and many other safety features. This valve has been successfully in service for over 30 years and is conform to all international transportation standards.


tanker valve

tanker valve – Dutch Valve Vision


These valves can be configured conform to the following medium;

  • tanker valve chlorine (Cl2)
  • tanker valve HF (hydrogen fluoride / hydrofluoric acid)
  • butene – C4H8
  • butane – C4H10
  • ammonia – NH3
  • propane – C3H6
  • iso butane – C4H10
  • sulphur dioxide – SO2
  • vinyl chloride – C2H3Cl
  • methyl chloride – CH3Cl
  • methyl mercaptan – CH4S
  • chlorine carbon monoxide – CO CL2

For other mediums please contact us as well as we are able to modify.


Our tanker safety valves are conform to the following standards/norms;

  • Design type approval no. 06D2 TPED
  • Approval for ISO-Containers GEST 75/46
  • Leakage rate A acc. to DIN EN 12266-1 (0 bubbles)
  • PED 2014/68/EU
  • Railways (DE):  GGVE
  • Roads(DE):  GGVS
  • Railways(INT):  UIC / RID / CIN
  • Roads(INT):  ADR
  • UIC (INT) Specification 573 – Technical rules for design of tankwagon


These valves are conform to the highest quality standards in the market.

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