Chlorine valves

Chlorine valves

Chlorine valves conform EUROCHLOR

Our EUROCHLOR approved bellow sealed valves are conform to the latest GEST  17/492 norm.  Because of their compliance with this standard and the demonstrated good field experience & practice these valves are suitable for the following services:

  • Liquid chlorine
  • Anhydrous Chlorine
  • Chlorine gas
  • Phosgene

Please see below link for available types:

chlorine electrolizer

chlorine electrolizer

EUROCHLOR valve design

In the following features are standard to the EUROCHLOR valve design requirements;

  • Bellow protected from direct process flow
  • Outside screw and yoke
  • Rising stem and hand wheel
  • Two-piece coupled stem
  • Protected multiply metal bellows
  • Secondary backup gland packing
  • Floating disc
  • Knife-edge like metal-to-metal seating


TYPE of bellow sealed valves;

The following valve types of bellow sealed valves are available;

  • Gate valves
  • Globe valves
  • Globe control valves
  • Tanker valves

All parts and valves are conform to the highest quality standards in the market.

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