Malbranque valve

As official supplier we supply OEM Malbranque valve spare-parts such as;

  • Wellhead Choke valves (choke stem, choke needle tips, choke bean and seals, ect.)
  • Wellhead Choke manifold valves (choke stem, choke needle tips, choke bean and seals, ect.)
  • Parallel seated gate valves parts (disk & spindles with springs)
  • Flexible wedge gate valves (disk & spindles with springs)
  • Fireclap swing check valve spares
  • Handwheel and Chain-handwheel replacements sets
  • Complete soft-part sets (gaskets) with bolting repair sets
  • Any other Malbranque valve spares

We can also supply complete (like-for-like) replacement valves if needed.

Malbranque valve spare-part numbers can be order based on their ID number.
This number can be found in the G.A drawing or part lists of the valve itself.
Malbranque ID numbers are build-up from 8 numbers, see below an example;


00002058 – QTY 2
00003388 – QTY 6
00003388 – QTY 1
00002057 – QTY 1

For inquiries please send us these ID numbers with quantities in order to quote.
If no part number can be found we can also further assist if needed.

All parts and valves are conform to the highest quality standards in the market.

Send us an e-mail through our website to inquire further.


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