Ceramic Ball Valve

Ceramic Ball Valve

Ceramic Ball Valve

Ceramic ball valve for abrasion and corrosion mediums

PN PN10 - PN16
DN 15 - 150
NPS 1/2" - 6"
Class 150 - 300
Temperature Rating 200°C
Body forms


Basic Shell materials

Ceramic inner-parts
Body part from Stainless
steel or other special alloys


Flanged ends

Operation & Options

1. Excellent durability for abrasive and corrosive fluids. Wetted parts are made from solid fine ceramics.
2. Excellent flow controllability: Each valve size offers 3-4 equal percentage (EQ%) triangular ports for precise flow control and a round hole ball for on-off service.
3. Floating ball structure.
4. Low seat leakage.
5. Small number of parts.
6. Simple structure, lightweight and compact.
7. Good maintainability.


Ceramic materials offer greater hardness and excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Common application area's for Ceramic valves are:
- Pulp and paper mills (liquor, Lime mud, Talc, Clay)
- Chemical plants (Hydrogen fluoride, Phosphoric acid, Caustic soda)
- Aluminum refining (Caustic soda, Alumina powder)
- Steel plants (Dry dust remover, coal powder)



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