Excess Flow Valve

Excess Flow Valve

Excess Flow Valve

Excess Flow Valve / Pipe-break Valve

PN 325
DN 6 - 120
NPS 1/8" - 6"
Class 150# - 1500#
Temperature Rating -196°C up to +800°C
Body forms

Angle pattern body

Basic Shell materials

Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Pure nickel, Titanium, Other special alloys


Flanged ends, butt welding ends
Socket welding ends, threaded ends

Operation & Options

Threaded flanges and other requirements
Bleed reset - pumps & anti-surge protection
Pressure reset - autonomous operation
Manual reset - internal & external option (move operation to a more user-friendly location like a control panel


Excess Flow valves are also known by other names such as;
Flow Fuse
Flow Limiter
Flow Check Valves
Velocity Check Valves
Line Burst Control Valves
Pipe-break valve
The design concept of the valve is that the internal disc is held open by a spring. When the flow of the fluid exceeds a certain preset limit the valve disc closes and shuts of the flow.
This can be the case In the event of a vessel rupture, disconnection, or pipe-line break. In this event the pressure will drop, the flow will surge exceeding the spring load limit, and the valve will close creating a safe situation.
There are many applications for Excess flow valves but main installed base of our excess flow valves is in bullet storage tanks.


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